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Proactive Safety Alerts

With our FREE in-cab safety alerts and advisories, your drivers will be prepared for speed, congestion, tight curves, low bridges and more.

Real-time and exclusive slowdown alerts, active work zones and warnings about high-risk areas help your drivers help deliver and pick up loads on time and get home safely!

Safe Drivers, Efficient Fleets
Drivewyze Free provides you access to Drivewyze Hub, our Fleet Management & Reporting platform. Monitor fleet activity and uncover opportunities to save money.

Request special reports for deeper insights and manage your fleet's safety performance easily and efficiently.

Let's drive towards a safer future together!

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Essential Alerts & Advisories

The Drivewyze Essential Alerts and Advisories are in-cab warnings that prompt your drivers to take action BEFORE an incident occurs. We work with government agencies, safety organizations and data partners to provide three categories of alerts.

Essential Alerts: May require drivers to take action.

Sudden Slowdown, Unexpected Slowdown, Steep Grade, Service Vehicle, Active Work Zone, Brake Check, Low Bridge, Public Service Alerts & Agency Virtual Sign

Essential Advisories: Enable drivers to make informed decisions.

Low Bridge, Rollover, Rest Area, Runaway Ramp, Public Service Advisories & Agency Virtual Sign

Agency-Sponsored Alerts & Advisories – These real-time alerts are EXCLUSIVE to Drivewyze, as they are curated and sponsored by state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and other state agencies through our Smart Roadways services, to extend their transportation safety programs into trucks.

These alerts are paid for by government agencies and provided to fleets and drivers at no cost through Drivewyze. 

Drivewyze Hub

Drivewyze Free comes with access to the Drivewyze Hub fleet management portal. Drivewyze Hub enables Safety Managers to view the impact that alerts are having in slowing drivers down when needed, along with data-driven insights to help carriers improve operations, and save money.   

Any of the Agency-Sponsored, Drivewyze Curated, and Premium Safety+ alerts and advisories, can be turned on or off in the Drivewyze Hub. 

Drivewyze Hub includes reports that provide actionable insights to view fleet-wide trends, save costs and keep drivers safe.

Give your drivers the gift they need most: Insight into the road ahead.

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